Atelier Mediums and Varnishes

25 Litre

Atelier Mediums are made from the highest quality acrylic polymers and binders. They are 100% compatible with all good quality acrylics. Atelier Interactive can be used for standard acrylic painting techniques or kept open for longer blending time without the use of any special mediums - all you really need is water. However mediums can greatly enhance the versatility of the paint, making some techniques much easier, enjoyable and successful. When using mediums with Atelier Interactive special consideration needs to be given as to how they change the way the paint dries. One group of mediums contains a traditional acrylic binder that tends to dry quickly and forms a tough waterproof skin - we refer to these as Traditional Mediums. The other type are the Interactive Mediums which maintain or enhance the unique drying properties of the paint, allowing it to remain workable for even longer. These mediums give best results when used with Atelier Interactive - they can be mixed with standard acrylics but their effectiveness will be reduced.

Brand Atelier

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Atelier Binder Medium 25lt

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Atelier Liquid Gesso Primer 25lt